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Wipeout Omega Collection VR announced for an early 2018 release!

Yes, finally! Wipeout in VR where it belongs. I can remember the day Sony first announced Wipeout Omega Collection for PlayStation 4. I was hoping against hope that it would feature VR support, but alas it was not meant to be. Well, it was just announced at the PlayStation Experience 2017 that Wipeout Omega Collection is indeed getting the full VR treatment and it's coming early next year! If you already own Wipeout Omega Collection, there is nothing to buy. Just wait for the update and enjoy. If you don't own Wipeout Omega Collection you can pick it up right now for $39.99 on the PlayStation store, or possibly look for a physical version which you might be able to find even cheaper. (Ebay has several brand new copies for around $29)

Wipeout Omega Collection includes all the tracks from Wipeout HD (PlayStation 3), as well as the Fury update (PlayStation 3) and Wipeout 2048 (PlayStation Vita). It's a smorgasbord of Wipeout tracks that have been remastered for 4K running at 60 frames per second with all new music. Of course, this is if you're playing the pancake version on a PlayStation 4 Pro. Certainly, the VR update will run at a much lower resolution, but the trade-off for total immersion in the world of Wipeout is more than worth it.

This new version includes three new ships to pilot, which feature a special first-person cockpit view that takes full advantage of head tracking to place you into the world of Wipeout like never before.

The VR version will also feature all new 3D audio that should help enhance the experience even further. We don't have a specific date for this game, but Sony has said that it will arrive relatively early in 2018. Be sure to check out the just released trailer below:

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