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If Beat Saber looks half as good as it does in the Mixed-Reality videos... we're in for a real t

I've never had a trailer sell me more on a game than Beat Saber. You watch the various mixed-reality videos for this game, and you can actually feel your wallet being force-pulled right out of the back of your pants. The jedi's at developer Hyperbolic Magnetism really have something special here... It just looks like an absolute blast to play, while making you feel like a bad-ass of the highest order at the same time. Of course, the mixed-reality videos feature players that know the songs inside and out, and have their routines down pat. Not to mention wearing a cool jedi outfit all the while playing it impressively.

That mixed-reality video above, using LIV technology, at the time of this article has a total of over 229 thousand views and rising. I'm telling you, the two primary developers at Hyperbolic Magnetism are going to be cruising the backstreets of the Czech Republic in their new Lambo's if this game sells half as well as I think it might. Not only could this game sell well to the already established VR community, but if it's anywhere as good as these videos make it seem to be, it could actually cause fence sitters to grab a VR headset of their own. Remember this game is also coming to PlayStation VR, which is a more affordable option to families lacking a gaming PC. Could a rhythm-action game end up being VR's first killer-app?

As you see from the second video, our jedi has now changed outfits, and seems to maybe have a date at The Distracted Globe Music Experience after the Beat Saber session is over with!

We've had plenty of amazing rhythm-action games in VR already. In fact, it's a well stocked genre. The most popular one of the bunch is probably Audioshield. Speaking of self-made millionaires, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Audioshield creator Dylan Fitterer is one of the first VR indie devs to make their own small fortune. The game has been selling well since it originally arrived alongside the Vive in April of 2016. Soundboxing then arrived in September of that same year, to provide another strong rhythm-action entry. Of course, less we forget that Thumper arrived for the launch of PlayStation VR on October 13th, and then later came to the Vive and Rift. PC VR game Airtone has a fervent following as well, bringing a more classic Japanese flavor to the category.

Airtone by historia and AMG Games

Despite what might seem like a highly over-saturated market, Beat Saber should have no problem finding it's own rabid fanbase. In fact, if YouTube comments are anything to go by, it already has..

Beat Saber is coming to all the major VR platforms. Playstation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed-Reality. No official release date has been announced, but the highly anticipated release is expected sometime this Spring or early Summer.

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