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The Mage's Tale is headed to the HTC Vive on March 23rd!

Former Oculus exclusive The Mage's Tale, from renowned rpg developer inXile Entertainment, will be arriving on Steam March 23rd. The Steam version only supports the HTC Vive, at least initially. No word on whether any support for the Microsoft MR headsets could be coming in the future. Oculus could have exclusive rights to the title on it's own platform, so no support for the Rift is indicated with this Steam version. InXile Entertainment has also confirmed that a PSVR version is being readied behind the scenes.

This game has always been one of our favorite dungeon crawlers here at VR Game Rankings. It's hard not to think of The Mage's Tale, whenever thinking of Vanishing Realms and Karnage Chronicles. The 3 games are clearly a cut above any other Vive and Rift role-playing games. Certainly, all three are much more firmly rooted in the camp of "dungeon crawler", rather than a more hardcore rpg, but they all feature strong rpg-style elements and themes.

InXile Entertainment is probably wise to get this game released as quickly as possible, considering the impending arrival of Skyrim VR on Vive and Rift this April 3rd. March 23rd probably can't come fast enough for them at this point, considering how overshadowed games like this could be following Bethesda's 800 pound gorilla.

Still, at a $30 price point, I think Vive owners would be wise to give The Mage's Tale some serious consideration. Especially when you think about the quality voice work and the solid game length that InXile has provided with this standout Oculus release. You can easily spend 8 to 10 hours with this game before watching the end credits roll. Neither Vanishing Realms nor Karnage Chronicles can boast of a similar play length.

The drop-dead gorgeous graphics of The Mage's Tale should not be underestimated either. It's graphical prowess is up there with some of the most visually impressive games we currently have in VR. Games like Lone Echo, Robo Recall, Arizona Sunshine and Arktika.1.

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