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Budget Cuts get's a release date! May 16th for Neat Corps Stealth/Action Thriller!

The good news train just keeps rolling along! First, we find out that Skyrim VR is making a surprise appearance on April 3rd, and now we find out that perennially delayed stealth/action game Budget Cuts is coming out on May 16th! The game is expected to cost in the neighborhood of around $30, with a play-time of 8-hours roughly, or at least in that general vicinity.

Neat Corporation's co-founder Joachim Holmér is currently at GDC giving demos of the game, as well as a talk on the locomotion techniques they used in the highly anticipated title. He even posted a 20 second clip on YouTube showing how the game has been progressing over it's lengthy development:

The brief video clip might look very familiar to anyone that has played the Steam demo that has been available for nearly two years now, however, if you play close attention to all the little details, you can tell that additional love and care has been lavished on this game. Budget cuts just looks so incredibly crisp and clean. Highly polished and very precisely dialed-in.

The 22 or so odd minutes that the Steam demo lasts is one of the best examples of roomscale-type gameplay that we've seen since the launch of the HTC Vive. Imagine another 458 minutes of that bliss? If the campaign really lasts around 8 hours, that's what we could really be looking at. Sign me up!

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