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Moss now available on Steam and Oculus Store for Vive & Rift players!

Moss, easily one of our favorite PlayStation VR games of 2018 thus far, has arrived "sneak attack" style onto Steam and Oculus Store today! You can grab the enchanting VR platformer for your Vive or Rift for $29.99.

Moss originally arrived back on February 27th for PlayStation VR, delighting 3D puzzle/platformer fans looking for more 3rd person VR action gaming. At the time, we had no idea the game would be making it's way to Vive and Rift players only a few months later.

PC VR players are definitely in for a treat with this endearing romp. The backdrops in Moss are not only graphically enchanting, but they also nearly surround the player with a playground of platforming and peril. One technique many 3rd Person VR games are using now, is to wrap the world around the player in what amounts to nearly a 180 degree sphere. This help draws the player into the experience, as they watch the action taking place all around them. It's as if you're watching a hologram of an adorable little mouse running about mere inches in front of you. Animating beautifully. The effect is transfixing. The handful of stubborn VR gamers that eschew any 3rd person games are unknowingly making a terrible mistake by forsaking a game like this.. Oh well... their loss.

The breathtaking visuals of Moss are surely a showstopper, but the audio mix and sound design is another big reason for the game's success. Nearly every VR game will boast about it's excellent 3D audio, but rarely will you actually notice anything special or remarkable about it. With Moss, you're going to notice and appreciate the audio pretty quickly. The 3D soundstage is as enveloping as the visuals.

Despite mostly raving about Moss throughout this article, I must admit I'm slightly concerned by it's PC price point. The game is $29.99 on PlayStation VR, and on a console, that price is perfectly logical. We all know that Polyarc has to pay a hefty license to Sony, just to get the game onto the PS4 platform. On the PC side of things however, players normally expect the price to be lowered somewhat from the console version. I honestly think the vast majority of PC VR players that grab Moss at $29.99 will be extremely pleased with their purchase. It might be a bit higher than they're used to paying for a 3rd person VR game, but this is may be the finest example of the genre in VR so far!

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