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Smash Hit Plunder coming exclusively to PlayStation VR on October 5th!

One of the most amazing VR experiences I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy, was Unseen Diplomacy on the HTC Vive. This was back during the original launch of the HTC Vive circa April 2016. Even now, well over two years later, Unseen Diplomacy still holds up as one of the more entertaining examples of Valve's room-scale concept. The developer of that project is Triangular Pixels. For the longest time, we wondered what Triangular Pixels would be working on next. About a year or so ago, we found out that their next project was called Smash Hit Plunder, and it would be coming exclusively to PlayStation VR.

It was somewhat surprising to hear they would be bringing their next project to PlayStation VR, considering it's singular tracking camera and lack of room-scale abilities. Selfishly, I'd prefer they continued to explore the room-scale concept, but instead, Triangular is looking to tackle another idea made possible by VR. The idea of making a complete and utter mess of things. You see, Virtual Reality gives us the opportunity to do things we simply can't do in real life, or at least it would be extremely difficult to get away with it. Imagine I told you to grab random objects in your house and start throwing them all over the place. You'd look at me like I was out of my mind. In VR however, the joy of throwing things about is obvious and universal. In almost every VR game I play, I'll pick something up off a virtual table and toss it to the other side of the room without so much as a millisecond of consideration for the consequences. That's just it. There really aren't any consequences. You can make a complete and total mess of things in VR, and pull your headset off and return to your clean and tidy existence.

Triangular Pixels is taking full advantage of this universal joy of "wrecking shop", by building an entire game around the idea. The name of the game is Smash Hit Plunder. Which describes exactly what you'll be doing. You'll be smashing the daylights out of everything in sight. Hitting anything you see. Then plundering the spoils of any treasure left exposed from your rampage.

The backdrop of all this mayhem is a retro-stylized dungeon crawler that speaks to our nostalgic side. Just looking at the screenshots and video, you might think this is your typical old-school RPG remake. Not exactly. While it might have all the trappings of that style of game, the gameplay is anything but ordinary. You play as a simple mage that has apparently hit the proverbial jackpot. Or so it initially seems. You've inherited the castle of your dreams from your long-dead relatives. There's only one problem. A ghostly debt-collector has everything on lock-down until the debt has been fully paid. Thus, your adventure begins. You must search every nook and cranny of the castle for treasure that can be used to pay off this debt.

Smash Hit Plunder features several modes of gameplay. Scavenger Hunt, Treasure Rush and Free Play are all provided to give you multiple ways to enjoy the proceedings. Even better, both Co-Operative and Versus multiplayer modes are included as well. Smashing things into oblivion is always better with a few pals at your side. The Co-Operative mode, allows another person in your house to man the DualShock 4 controller in front of a TV, while you don the futuristic headgear. You work together to uncover as much treasure as possible. It's not simply a case of going from room to room smashing everything to bits. If only it was that easy. Unfortunately, the previous tenants aren't exactly thrilled at your presence. They'll do everything they can to prevent you from your mission.


The versus mode allows you and up to three of your best buds to go head-to-head in "Poltergeist Panic" or "Jewel Duel" modes, so you can fight for your spot on the dynamic leaderboards. One person uses the PSVR headset, while the other players gather in front of a traditional 2D screen. Of course, be sure to share the VR experience with your buddies with some round-robin style play.

Smash Hit Thunder is expected to hit Europe on October 5th, and hopefully it will be arriving on the USA PlayStation Store very soon after that. Either way, we're definitely excited to see what Triangular Pixels has been up to for all this time!

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