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Steam Sale features tons of amazing values on highly ranked VR games!

One thing VR gamers can't complain about, is a lack of discounts. Seems every other day some super outstanding VR game is on sale at a new all-time low pricepoint. Oculus is having a Halloween themed sale, and Steam has joined the party as well. Plus, some games have already been on sale, prior to either of these seasonal promotions. The end result, is that we were able to take a look at the 20 highest rated PC-VR games currently being offered at a very respectable discount. Let's take a look at them, according to their most recent ranking on the overall all-platform Top 100 chart. (NOTE: many of these deals are for a very limited time. Click on the game name to be taken to the appropriate Steam page)

I remember a time when you'd have to spend a full $60 to grab this highly rated space-pilot simulator. It's certainly one of the deepest and most immersive VR games around.

While Pavlov might go on sale seemingly every other week, it's hard to not pick this game up for a mere 6 bucks. It's fast, fun and frenetic, even if I do get killed almost instantly!

If you're looking for a VR puzzle game absolutely dripping with atmosphere and depth, look no further. The Talos Principle VR wasn't made from the ground up for VR, but you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.

All the Serious Sam games are on sale right now, but the highest ranking of the bunch is Serious Sam 3 VR:BFE. If you can only play one of the Serious Sam VR games, this is probably the one to grab.

To The Top has earned a solid reputation as a VR game that can put a smile on your face in no time. Your toes will be tapping to the catchy soundtrack while you zip around the colorful, magical environments.

Seems like Audioshield has been around forever, and it has, but it's still widely considered one of the best VR rhythm action games this side of Beat Saber. Here's an opportune chance to grab a VR classic for half price.

For the longest time, you could actually get the base game of PayDay 2 for free. Then the price went back to a very fair $9.99. Now you can grab it for half of that, and see what all the fuss is about.

While this game doesn't officially support VR, all you have to do is look for a few YouTube videos that explain how to apply a very simple mod that turns this game into a Virtual Reality powerhouse. Get ready to change your pants!

There's a healthy selection of VR ping-pong games available, but if you want the gold standard it's Eleven: Table Tennis VR. For Fun Labs continues to polish the game and add additional backgrounds and features.

This is the second Serious Sam VR game, and 3rd Croteam game to rank in the Top 50. It's a testament to the dedication of a very talented studio absolutely committed to delivering sold VR fare.

Talk about a VR classic. Space Pirate Trainer was there on day 1 for the HTC Vive. I-Illusions could have rested on their laurels, but they've continued to polish and dial-in this game. Truly magnificent.

If you look up visceral in the dictionary, you should get a picture of Killing Floor: Incursion. I've never met more pissed off and angry zombies in my entire life. These guys mean business!

There's a lot of great horror games in VR, but this one might be the most atmospheric and depressing. It's just a dreary, miserable place, and you can really marinate in the misery. Sounds like a wonderful time right?

The Invisible Hours isn't really a game, instead, it's the first legit VR movie. Easily one of the most interesting experiences I've ever had in VR up to this point. This could be a glimpse into the future of storytelling.

The Forest started life as a flat game, but has made the translation to VR with flying colors. There might be some slight performance issues, but it's one of the better survival type games currently available in VR.

It seems VR racing game fans have broken into 3 camps. Project Car players, Dirt Rally players and Assetto Corsa players. All of these racing games are good, but the racing action of Assetto might be the best. It does have some problems with menus.

Windlands 2 recently released to rave reviews. However, it costs $30 and is only available for Oculus Rift players. The original is available for all headsets and you can grab it for only 7 bucks right now on Steam.

There's four Serious Sam games available to VR players. Of the four available, only one, The Last Hope, was actually designed from the round up with VR in mind. This one might be a bit more polished and technically sound.

If you own a VR headset and a good buddy is coming to visit, you want to knock his socks off with something super impressive. Primordian is just the ticket. This game is incredibly intense and immersive.

XING is one of our absolute faves, regardless of genre. It happens to be a puzzle game, but it really doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what mood you're in before playing this game, you'll likely be smiling from ear to ear when you're done.

The games we've listed above are all considered to be some of the better VR games currently available, and all are on offer for a more than reasonable discount. However, there's plenty more where these came from. We didn't want to go on forever, so we cut it off at 20. Still, there are tons more great VR games on deep discount. Head on over to Steam yourself and check out all the amazing values while they're still available!

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