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Tabletop Gods ranks 8th in it's debut on HTC Vive's - Last 90 Days Most Wanted!

Today we updated our Last 90 Day's - 20 Best Vive Games rankings. This ranking is designed to break down the 20 most exciting games to hit the Vive platform over the last three months. Basically, what's recent, and what's hot. One recent arrival to perform impressively is Tabletop Gods. This real time strategy game by Ghost Fish Games has been making waves among PC-VR gamers. The game made it's debut on this chart at No.8 overall. Here's a look at the Top 8:

1. Contractors VR - Caveman Studio (12/14/18)

2. Blade & Sorcery - WarpFrog (12/11/18)

3. Windlands 2 - Psytec Games (11/15/18)

4. A Fisherman's Tale - Innerspace VR (1/22/19)

5. Red Matter - Vertical Robot (11/10/18)

6. Scraper: First Strike - Labrodex Studios (11/21/18)

7. Arca's Path - Dream Reality Interactive (12/4/18)

8. Tabletop Gods - Ghost Fish Games (1/7/19)

Another recent arrival to perform very well in the ranking is A Fisherman's Tale by Innerspace VR. Publisher Vertigo Games brought this game to all the major VR platforms on January 22nd. While the game is certainly brief, it's been characterized as a potential early front runner for VR Game of the Year by a few online publications.

Derail Valley, by Altfuture debuted on this chart in the 13 position, just behind Runes: The Forgotten Path and surprising cult-classic Poker Stars VR. Derail Valley arrived on January 25th after being delayed a week for some minor fixes. The game's current price is $19.99

Here's the rankings for the bottom 12 games of the list:

9. Transpose - Secret Location (11/6/18)

10. Tin Hearts - Rogue Sun (11/8/18)

11. Runes: The Forgotten Path - StormBorn Studios (11/14/18)

12. Poker Stars VR - Lucky VR Inc. (11/8/18)

13. Derail Valley - Altfuture (1/25/19)

14. Polybius - Llamasoft (12/21/18)

15. Wrench - Missing Digit (11/19/18)

16. Slightly Heroes - Hatrabbit Entertainment (12/11/18)

17. Prey: Typhon Hunter - Arkane Studios (12/11/18)

18. Spuds Unearthed - Gamedust (1/10/19)

19. Disassembly VR - Khor Chin Heong (1/31/19)

20. Magic Realm: Online - Software Wolf (1/31/19)

Derail Valley by Altfuture arrived on Steam on January 25th for $19.99

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