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We got an early look at upcoming VR title Boiling Steel and came away impressed!

Back in the Spring of 2018, developer MIROWIN released Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The game also landed on PlayStation VR a few months later. Guns'n'Stories was relatively well received, but didn't blow anybody out of the water. MIROWIN's newest game just might change all that. This could be a difference maker. Boiling Steel has a few critical flaws, but should those aspects improve before release, it could end up a true fan favorite.

The biggest of these critical flaws is the storyline. It's the age old tale of an out of control Artificial Intelligence that must be stopped. At least, that's my theory about the story. Truth is, I honestly don't understand it. I think developer MIROWIN might be based in Russia, but I'm not positive. Whatever the case, they really need to hire a native English writer that specializes in Sci-Fi before this game hits USA & UK audiences. Give this game an amazing story and voice over, and it could be a borderline AA type release. MIROWIN could really make a name for themselves. However, if they don't scrap the current English translation, this game could quickly be lost in the shuffle and forgotten. Which would be a damn shame.

Graphically speaking, the game is quite impressive. You're walking through the interior areas, movie score playing in the background, and it almost feels like Lone Echo or Arktika.1. At least a poor man's version of those games. Still, there's enough impressive touches in the details and backgrounds that I continually found myself oohing and ahhing at what I was experiencing. The opening facility that you start off in, somewhat resembles Raw Data. In fact, while playing the game, I started thinking about how good everything might look inside one of those high-end VR headsets coming in the not too distant future. The high resolution screens of the HP Reverb or Acer ConceptD Ojo. (Maybe even the Valve Index?)

While I'm extremely impressed with what I've seen so far, there's another troubling flaw to the game I must mention. In the beginning areas, you see these great visuals but you can't really interact with very much. You have this tablet that you're using to interact with things, and while that's initially a clever concept, it starts to wear thin after awhile. I think I'd rather be using my robot hands in game to activate more things. You do get to pull on one type of lever with your robot hand, but that's pretty much the extent of it. (in the early areas)

I'm still working my way through this pre-alpha version of the game, and I haven't quite reached the combat areas, but I can tell you that Boiling Steel is a game I'll be keeping my eyes on, all the way to it's eventual release. I really hope MIROWIN takes my advice and hires a legit writer with a Sci-Fi background to help mold the English translation into something that can match the visuals and vibe of the game. We'll definitely keep you posted with more info on Boiling Steel as we head towards the 4th Quarter release.

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