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We've ranked the 60 Most Exciting upcoming Oculus Quest Games!

The Oculus Quest is really on a roll at the current moment. We're just coming off Oculus Connect 6, and honestly, I can't remember a time when a young platform had more momentum and excitement surrounding it. Everything seems to be coming up roses for the new standalone. It's getting several new and amazing features like Oculus Link, hand-tracking and support for Oculus Go software, to mention just a few surprises. The future couldn't possibly be brighter.

In addition to all this great news, is a great lineup of upcoming games. We've actually been able to make our first 60 game ranking for upcoming Quest games. We've never had this many titles to look forward to. Even better, these titles are solid. These games are respectable. Many are known quantities, but we've also got some new and unique titles sprinkled in as well.

Developer Stress Level Zero is making a dedicated Quest game set in the Boneworks Universe! The game is known as "Project 4" at this early juncture.

Boneworks is well known among enthusiast VR gamers as one of the most exciting upcoming VR games on the horizon. Stress Level Zero doesn't necessarily have a AAA pedigree, but the feeling is that the studio is about to break out in a major way with this new physics based sandbox production. Whether or not they'll be able to transfer that magic to the Quest remains to be seen, but you gotta believe that the powers that be at Oculus would love nothing more than another huge game to continue their onslaught.

Speaking of onslaughts, the game announcements keep coming. A Fisherman's Tale was another title that was recently announced at OC6 as incoming for Quest. The game delighted PC players, so no reason to believe the story will be any different on Quest. The art style and gameplay mechanics seem perfectly suited to the platform. We're expecting an extremely solid port. The game was ranked 28th overall in our Top 60 Most Wanted ranking, which just goes to show how strong this lineup is.

Another brand new announcement for Quest is Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash by Sega. We knew this game was headed to PlayStation VR for some time now, but had no idea that Sega was also working on a Quest port for the title. This is exciting news, not only for Space Channel 5, but for the opportunity to see other Sega franchises get the VR treatment.

Horror title Paranormal Activity is another new arrival to our rankings for Quest. The VR game by developer VRWERX is ranked 38th, one spot ahead of Space Channel 5. Horror games continue to be a very popular genre on VR platforms. The extra immersion that VR provides just makes horror content that much more impactful. Five Nights at Freddy's VR is also on it's way to the Quest via Steel Wool Studios. That title ranked in the Top 20 at #15 overall.

There's also wonderful news for rhythm game fans. Audica from Harmonix is heading to Quest later this year! The game has drawn rave reviews from many PC-VR players since it's arrival earlier this year. In fact, it's a personal favorite for many of us here at VR Game Rankings! We've been hoping a Quest version would be announced at some point, and our wish is coming true!

Be sure to check out our Top 60 Ranking and see the full breadth of excellent software expected to arrive on Quest over the coming months. Quest owners will sure have plenty to do this Winter and next Spring!

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