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Arizona Sunshine gameplay on Oculus Quest has now been Revealed!

Oculus Quest gamers and VR enthusiasts have been wondering just how much of the Arizona Sunshine experience will come through this Thursday when the game hits the Oculus Store for the standalone headset. Well, wonder no more, because the official gameplay trailer is now live, click below to check it out:

Watching the trailer, we can quickly surmise that the game has definitely taken a major hit in the graphics department during it's translation to Quest. Of course, this should hardly come as any shock. Despite what we've seen from other Quest games like Red Matter and Vader Immortal, there's only so much you can do with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers have certainly tried to push the hardware to it's limits, but sacrifices had to be made to get the game running properly.

The number of simultaneous onscreen zombies has been reduced, along with a drastic reduction in polygons dedicated to each character model. We're also not sure if each unique zombie character model featured in the PC-VR game is represented in the Quest version.

The good news in the graphics department is that the surrounding environment, both indoors and outdoors, seems to hold up pretty well.

Another key factor to consider when thinking about Arizona Sunshine on the Quest is the actual target market. The vast majority of Quest owners are brand new VR users, that have never had the privilege of playing the high-end PC-VR version of the game. They have nothing to compare it against. The excitement of a full-blown zombie apocalypse campaign will be hard to resist.

The Quest continues to receive new games on a regular basis, but bigger games like Arizona Sunshine are a bit harder to come by. The high-end production values are welcome to Quest gamers used to shorter, simpler experiences. The voice-over narration as you play through the game is probably it's biggest strength. It helps give you direction, and a sense of urgency. It heightens the already intense experience.

One thing we can't determine by simply watching the trailer is how the game feels in motion, and maybe more importantly, how visceral is the gunplay? We're certainly looking forward to getting some hands-on with the Quest release to see how these aspects unfold. Hopefully, it runs smoothly, and the guns have a really powerful feel to them. We've only got two more days to find out!

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