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The Rig by Sunset Division still exists, coming this June!

At VR Game Rankings, we've been keeping our eyes on The Rig by Sunset Division for quite some time now. We we're always hopeful of it's eventual arrival, but it'd been so long since we'd heard anything that we started to get a bit concerned. Turns out... there was no need to worry! The title's Steam page was recently updated, and now we have an actual release month to report on. The game is currently scheduled to arrive this June!

The game was previewed on Episode 32 of Projections (Adam Savage's Tested), many moons ago, and that's where we first heard about the game, and started to get excited about it's development. Sunset Division is a group of friends that all have regular day jobs, but get together when possible to keep working on this project. I'd have to imagine that development has taken much longer than any of them would have preferred, but sometimes you have to bend the rules to get a project done. Especially when everybody on the team has a regular day job getting in the way of game developer stardom!

The game has an interesting and unique art style, and the premise and music all combine to set a very specific mood. In fact, it's described as a space-noir adventure game. Sunset Division sees the game as an ode to the classic point and click adventure games of the 90's brought into VR, but without the dated point and click mechanic.

In some ways, one could consider the "Escape the Room" genre as having evolved from classic point and click style games. There's been an avalanche of these games hitting various VR platforms over the last couple of years, so it's going to be a challenge for Sunset Division to find the right lane for their game to settle into. The general puzzle genre has also been extremely well represented in VR. It seems that a few specific genres just happen to translate to VR almost effortlessly, so it's no wonder that we have a flood of these kinds of games. Hopefully the style and panache of The Rig will be enough to give it the spotlight during it's arrival this June.

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