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Firesprite is bringing PSVR favorite "The Persistence" to PC-VR players this Summer!

Great news for PlayStation VR holdouts! There's only a handful of PSVR games that make PC-VR gamers cringe with jealousy, and The Persistence by Firesprite, is one of those games. Since it's arrival back on July 24th, 2018, the game's been exclusive to Sony's VR ecosystem. Which is really unfortunate, because most gamers would love to experience a VR horror game that reminds them of Dead Space. Certainly, The Persistence isn't an actual Dead Space game, but it comes pretty darn close. It gives players those Dead Space feels. So you can bet that PC-VR gamers have been wishing and hoping that the game might eventually arrive on their platform of choice.

Because The Persistence was originally published by Sony, we honestly thought the game would remain a PSVR exclusive. But, it now appears that the game was simply a timed exclusive. Firesprite, in collaboration with Perp Games recently announced that the game would be coming to several new platforms. A standard 2D version is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, while both flat and VR versions are coming to PC platforms. We're expecting the VR version to hit Steam and the Oculus Store, but specifics haven't been revealed yet. We know the game is coming this Summer, but that's pretty much the extent of the available information. Perp Games did release the trailer below revealing the news:

We have some really big questions about whether or not Firesprite is going to fully leverage the strengths of PC-VR. One of the biggest advantages of PC-VR is legit roomscale support. If you've got a large playspace, you should be able to walk around a little bit, and feel like you're someplace else. This isn't really possible on PlayStation VR, due to the fact that it's limited to the single tracking camera. Most PSVR games that make the jump to PC-VR will allow for Roomscale, which does improve the immersion somewhat.

The other big question is motion controller support. PlayStation VR features motion controllers, but Firesprite opted not to use them. At the time of launch, it was a bit of a head-scratcher. Perhaps internal playtesting found the Move Controllers didn't work as well as they'd like, or maybe the controls became too complex. Whatever the case, motion controllers are an essential part of the experience on PC-VR. This is a stand-up game, with the player fully immersed in the world. Hand presence is normally a given. If PC-VR players need to use an actual gamepad instead of motion controls, it could have a serious dampening effect on the sales of the game. Remember, it's 2020 now, not 2016, and players expectations have risen accordingly. Hopefully, as we approach the release later this Summer, we'll hear more about enhanced motion controller support for the PC-VR version.

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