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Xenociders get's a release date and a brand new Trailer!

Xenociders by Donuts Co. Ltd. is a game we've been keeping our eyes on, since it first appeared on Steam. The game features lush jungles, dangerous dinosaurs and plenty of firepower. What's not to like? Not only that, the developer has experience and talent, having already released Mr. Hack Jack Robot Detective last May to decent reviews. Today they released a brand new trailer for the game (see below), and also delivered the release date of March 31st! Late March seems to be bursting with new releases.

Now, I've got to admit, after watching this brand new trailer, my excitement for the game has diminished to some degree. You do get the lush jungles, the dinosaurs and the firepower, but everything seems a bit blah. It could be the fact that the gameplay footage doesn't seems super clean or crisp. Hopefully it's just a lousy trailer and not representative of the actual experience that Donuts Co. Ltd. is going to deliver on the final day of this month.

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