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Steady Stream of Big Releases has the Oculus Quest Lineup looking better than ever!

With each passing month, the Oculus Quest's library get's stronger and stronger. July was particularly impressive in this regard. Five Nights at Freddy's VR, In Death: Unchained and Onward all arrived on the Oculus Quest with tremendous force. Going back to June, huge games like Phantom: Covert Ops and Trover Saves the Universe also bolstered the Quest platform. While PC-VR gamers might be complaining about a dearth of big releases since Half-Life: Alyx, it seems the Quest has had a relatively steady stream of strong releases to keep the momentum going.

Be sure to check out our Last 90 Days - Top 20 Oculus Quest rankings, to get a better idea of which games are the best options among recent releases.

Phantom: Covert Ops by nDreams is holding down the No.1 spot for recent Quest Releases

As these titles continue to pour in, the overall breadth of the Oculus Quest lineup improves considerably. Many of these recent releases are finding their way onto our overall Oculus Quest rankings. For example, Phantom: Covert Ops by nDreams has managed to rank 7th on the "overall" Oculus Quest Power Rankings. We're talking up there with the big boys like Beat Saber (1), Pistol Whip (2), Moss (3) and Super HOT (4).

Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted landed on the Oculus Quest back on July 16th. The jump-scare smorgasbord ranked 2nd, on our recent release breakdown. The game is ranked 11th on the overall Oculus Quest Top 100. Developer Steel Wool Studios should be commended for delivering such a strong translation to Facebook's standalone headset. In it's short lifespan of availability, it's already been reviewed 3,112 times! With a nearly perfect 5 star rating!

Over 3 thousand reviews and a nearly perfect 5 star rating!

Perhaps the most outstanding recent arrival comes from an unlikely source. A small Polish developer by the name of Superbright, has delivered one of the more entertaining Quest games we've seen this year. The developer acquired the rights to the In-Death franchise from Sólfar Studios, and has delivered an amazing port of the PC fan favorite. The gameplay is precise and on point. A true "gamer's" game. The graphics were certainly sacrificed considerably to get the game running so well on Quest, but the trade off was well worth it. The game is simply fantastic.

In-Death: Unchained by Superbright has scored rave reviews among gamers and critics alike!

So far we've mentioned Phantom: Covert Ops, Five Nights at Freddy's and In-Death: Unchained. There's one more monster release to talk about. Onward by Downpour Interactive (with a special assist from Coatsink). It's actually somewhat surprising to think that Onward wouldn't be the first game mentioned in this article. The insanely popular Quest game launched amid quite a bit of controversy over the graphical quality of the PC-VR port. Even more controversial was the fact that Downpour Interactive deliberately regressed the PC-VR version to get it to play nicely with the Quest. PC-VR owners of Onward were up in arms over this, with good reason. The developer later allowed PC-VR players to rollback the game to a previous (more graphically impressive) version, while Downpour would continue to work on the base code in the background. The goal is to eventually have a solid base for all versions to run on, while allowing the PC version to still shine graphically.

Onward's graphics have been watered down to keep the gameplay fully intact

The bottom line is that Oculus has done an outstanding job of making sure the Quest has a steady stream of top-notch software. We've ranked 100 games for the platform, and finding a bad game in the bunch is an arduous task. There's solid titles all throughout the ranking. In fact, there's a handful of solid games that didn't even make the cut! It won't be long until we're ranking the Top 150 Oculus Quest games.

The only real complaint you'll hear about the Quest library is that there's too many PC ports and not enough truly original content. However, most of the vitriol is from a vocal minority that's using the Quest as a secondary headset to their primary PC-VR HMD. To them, the Quest has an unlimited supply of games they've already played. What these PC players fail to realize however, is that the Quest is designed for mainstream adoption. Facebook and Oculus are looking to hook millions and millions of unsuspecting casuals into a VR addiction. The Quest isn't designed for hardcore PC-VR enthusiasts. For the casuals, the library features a cornucopia of amazing, well polished VR games. Games with proven track records. New players couldn't be more happy about all the amazing PC translations. In fact, many PC-VR players cheating with a Quest on the side are finding that the simplicity and hassle free experience is worth the downgrade in graphics. Cutting the cord is truly freedom inducing!

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