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Brand NEW QUEST Rankings! - We've ranked the 164 best Oculus Quest Games

We've just updated our rankings for the Oculus Quest. This time, we've actually ranked 164 games! How amazing is that? Games are starting to arrive on the platform with reckless abandon, but we still need to make sense of it all. That's what we've attempted to do with our latest breakdown. In doing this most recent update, we completely threw away all the previous data and started over from scratch. Be sure to check out the full rankings here:

There aren't a ton of changes at the very top of the ranking. Beat Saber continues to hold down the top spot with a death grip. However, we do have a new No.2 game. Super HOT climbs up a handful of spots to jockey for the No.2 position! In all the research we did to develop these new rankings, one thing was abundantly clear. Beat Saber and Super HOT are the two standout titles on the platform. At least if we believe what Quest owners are telling us.

Super HOT is definitely a DISTANT second to Beat Saber, but The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a distant 3rd to Super HOT. Basically, there's a huge drop-off in consensus after the first two games.

Beat Saber continues to hold down No.1 with a death grip!

Population ONE by BigBox VR, The Room VR: A Dark Matter by Fireproof Games and Pistol Whip by Cloudhead Games round out the top six. For now at least, it seems like Population ONE is the top dog in multiplayer shooters, which is a coveted crown. The competition on Quest is fierce in this category. The real question is whether or not BigBox VR can maintain the momentum and also hold off future challengers. Speaking of holding off challengers, despite the fact that Quest is overflowing with puzzle games, one title has risen above the crowd. The Room VR: A Dark Matter is most certainly the go-to VR puzzle game on the platform. Pistol Whip fell down a few spots from the last rankings, but Cloudhead Games need not worry. The game is still regarded among the absolute elite titles on Facebook's standalone headset.

Another aspect we like to take a closer look at, is how the brand new offerings fared. Where did the newest arrivals slot? The Climb 2 by Crytek landed on the charts at No. 49 overall. Interestingly enough, the original Climb fared better. The first game ranked 35th overall. This can seem like a head-scratcher at first, but games take time to build up a reputation with the community at large. The Climb 2 might offer features the original doesn't, but the first game has had time to develop a strong fan base. As time goes by, The Climb 2 will probably pass it's older brother in the rankings. It's the natural way of things. Another new arrival, is Swarm by Greensky Games. It debuted on the charts at No. 74 overall.

Swarm by Greensky Games has been tremendously popular recently

Crashland and Cosmodread are two new Sci-Fi action games that recently arrived on Quest. Both have been well received by players. Crashland ranked 94th overall, while Cosmodread ranked 98th. Crashland may have benefited from the fact that it didn't have a lot of releases to compete against during it's launch window. It was the only new Quest game in town for a brief period of time, which couldn't have hurt it's chances. Cosmodread of course, is a spiritual successor to Dreadhalls. Another fan-favorite in the Quest community. Like the original Climb game from Crytek, Dreadhalls is ranked higher than Cosmodread. (Dreadhalls is No.81) Again, this shouldn't be surprising, because it normally takes new games some time to work their way up the charts.

Will Cosmodread become a fan-favorite like it's predecessor Dreadhalls?

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