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Gloomy Eyes takes the No.1 spot on our Best Oculus Quest Paid Experiences Ranking

When most people think about VR experiences, they think of a quick distraction from VR gaming. Likely some free marketing spinoff for an upcoming theatrical release. Five minutes in length, with the viewer/player coming away from it wondering why they even bothered to download it in the first place. However, we've also had a number of amazing VR experiences that have held their own with the best and brightest that VR gaming has to offer. Gloomy Eyes is one of those experiences. In fact, we couldn't help but rank it No.1 overall in our most recent update to the Top Available Paid Oculus Quest Experiences ranking .

Gloomy Eyes is essentially giving us an early sneak peak at the future of animated films. A future where Virtual Reality changes the way in which we experience and interact with the narrative. The movie is incredibly vivid and breathtaking at times, In fact, during my first encounter with it, I couldn't stop imagining the Tim Burton movie Nightmare Before Christmas using the same technology. It would be the most ideal way to experience the film yet. That's what's so exciting about a production like Gloomy Eyes. It's not so much what Gloomy Eyes is delivering today, it's what Gloomy Eyes reveals about tomorrow. A revolution will be coming to animated movies in short order, and Gloomy Eyes will be remembered as one of the early historical landmarks.

It's no wonder too, when you consider the incredible talent that was brought to bear on this production. Atlas V has shown itself to be one of the more talented and capable studios in these early days. In fact, Atlas V has two other productions ranked high on this same chart. SPHERES and BATTLESCAR. Ranked 6th and 12th respectively. 3DAR, themselves an award winning studio, also contributed heavily to the project. They also have multiple experiences on this ranking. Paper Birds: Part 1 recently arrived on the Oculus Quest this last December. It's currently ranked 24th.

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