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GORN for Oculus Quest has an official release date!

GORN, the highly celebrated, physics based gladiator brawler is set to arrive on Oculus Quest platforms on Thursday, January 28th. Quest fans have definitely been chomping at the bit to get their hands on the title. Ever since the Quest has been available, gamers have been wondering why GORN wasn't already on the digital store. Developer Free Lives heard about it so much, that they finally had to make it happen. They worked together with developer 24 Bit Games to port the title to PlayStation VR, so why not employ them again to handle Quest porting duties?

24 Bit Games has been working on bringing as much of the celebrated physics system, and maybe more importantly, the collision detection, to Facebook's standalone VR platform. This is a gladiator melee game. Sure, it might be cartoony and over the top, but it's a legit melee game at it's core. It's absolutely mission critical that the collision detection is as tight as humanly possible. Players want to feel like their strikes really matter. The way they swing the mace or hammer, when bashing in their opponents skulls, is part and parcel to the GORN experience. At least with the PC-VR version of the game, you could quickly tell how good the title feels. This is why GORN is as celebrated as it is, among PC-VR enthusiasts.

We don't know the price of the Quest version yet, but if PC and PSVR versions are any indication, then the game could be priced at $19.99. Although Free Lives didn't reveal a ton of additional information, they did tweet out a couple of Oculus Quest screenshots:

Graphically, the game doesn't seem to have lost a lot in the translation. We can see that there's some minor downgrades to the background geometry and sky box, but for the most part, it looks like the GORN we've all come to know and love. We hope to review the Quest version shortly upon it's release. Stay Tuned!


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