Id Software's Doom Eternal could be headed to VR platforms very soon!

Exciting news VR fans! Remember when Doom Eternal arrived on gaming platforms last March? Many VR players wondered why the game didn't include VR support. Well, it turns out that maybe good things come to those that wait. The Australian Classification board (they rate software to be released down under) may have accidently let the cat out of the bag for Id Software and Zenimax. This of course wouldn't be the first time such a thing has happened. In fact, the Australian Classification board is somewhat notorious for providing eagle eyed readers an insight into unannounced games, much to the chagrin of publishers and studios hoping to make a huge, surprise announcement at a future unveiling.

It's tentatively titled "Project 2021a". We can see that the "Author" is Id Software, and the "Publisher" is Bethesda Softworks LLC. Most important is the "Media Type" designation, which is Virtual Reality. The unannounced game has received a R 18+ rating for "High impact violence, online interactivity". The Category is "Computer Games", so we're not sure if this will be a PC-VR only release, or if it might also end up on PlayStation VR and maybe even the Oculus Quest. Id Software released Doom VFR to most of the major VR gaming platforms back on December 1st, 2017. They have experience with a VR version of Doom running on PlayStation VR, so a port to that platform is certainly well within reason.

Now, we must admit that all of this is pure speculation at this point. We don't know for sure that this project is actually a VR port of Doom Eternal. We just know that Id Software has had a VR game rated by the Australian Classification Board. This could be a brand new IP, crafted very specifically with VR in mind. In fact, that's exactly what Doom VFR was all about. Around the time that Id Software first announced Doom VFR, they seemed to indicate that Doom needed to be carefully crafted for VR play, due to the tendency for players to experience some motion sickness with fast action. Especially new VR players. Some think that Id Software bent over backwards in an attempt to avoid motion sickness with Doom VFR, and in doing so, somewhat neutered the trademark "Doom" experience.

There's hope that management at Bethesda Softworks LLC and Zenimax have softened their stance around motion sickness fears related to VR gaming. Pavlov, Onward, Contractors and many other fast action, first person VR games have shown that early motion sickness fears around these types of games are overblown.

Now, all we can do is basically wait for the official announcement about Doom Eternal VR, or whatever this project ultimately turns out to be. This "leak" could cause the powers to be at Zenimax to push up the unveiling of the game, to capitalize on the flurry of speculation. Another possibility, is that the release will actually get delayed, due to this leak. The theory being that gamers have a tendency to quickly forget about rumors, once the initial fire dies down. Then, at a later date, Id Software and Bethesda could announce the game, retaining much of the original surprise factor that is so crucial to a game's successful launch. Some think this exact scenario is likely playing out with Capcom and Resident Evil 4 VR. Resident Evil 4 VR was possibly leaked from a data breach that Capcom suffered, but Capcom hasn't said a word about RE4 VR since. Either way, stay tuned, because we'll be following both rumored projects closely!

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