VR Game Rankings website is For Sale!

Sad News everyone. VR Game Rankings is coming to a close in a matter of days, unless we can find a buyer that wants to take over the website. (email us at info@vrgamerankings.com if you're interested)

For those that don't know, VR Game Rankings started four years ago in April of 2017. The goal of the website was to highlight all the best VR games and experiences that we have on offer, while also promoting the most promising upcoming games and experiences.

The website was started by founder Anthony Norcia, who also moonlights as a VR gaming YouTuber. The YouTube channel is VR365. ((2) VR365 - YouTube) Originally, Anthony believed the website would be a solo project for a very brief period of time. The theory being that additional business partners would soon join the VR Game Rankings fold. Unfortunately, this never materialized and Anthony was left to do everything solo. This wasn't too much of a problem in 2017 and 2018, because Anthony was unemployed at the time, with copious amounts of free time to dedicate to the project. However, Anthony's day job came calling, and he returned to full-time employment in early 2019. This of course had unfortunate ramifications for the website. Anthony had less time to work on the website, and was forced into a more of a maintenance role. His primary focus at that point was just trying to keep the various ranking pages as updated as possible.

Now, almost four years after it all began, Anthony is shutting the whole thing down. Many readers might wonder why shut down the website now? The answer is the cost of maintenance over the years just hasn't been worth the return on investment. The website has lost around 6K over it's lifespan. Much worse than the lost of capital, is the fact that Anthony has spent thousands of man hours working on the website. He hoped this hard work would eventually pay off, with a website that could be self-sufficient, but that hasn't been the case. The 6K loss will likely turn into a 7K loss and then an 8K loss, etc, etc. The bleeding must stop. That's why VR Game Rankings is closing up shop in a matter of days.

In closing, we'd like to thank everyone that supported VR Game Rankings along the way with their well wishes and appreciation for what we were trying to accomplish. We believe there were a few people out there, that randomly discovered the website, and learned which VR games were truly deserving of their hard earned money and discretionary time. While ultimately VR Game Rankings is a failed project, we can still hold our heads high, because we know we probably helped a number of people get even more enjoyment from their VR devices. Thanks Again!

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