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Skyrim VR logo by Bethesda Game Studios for PSVR
Release Date - 11/17/17

Skyrim VR has a number of major issues. First off, to get the game to run decently on a PlayStation 4, the graphics had to be watered down significantly. Bethesda Game Studios did an admirable job with this, all things considered, because at times the game can be jaw-droppingly gorgeous. However, the game can look absolutely awful at times as well. It's amazing how wild the swings can be, between the two extremes. The other major problem is control. Again, Bethesda did an amazing job adjusting to the strengths and weaknesses of the PSVR platform. Once you really learn the controls inside and out, they cease to be a major irritant. Then you can just lose yourself in the majesty of the overall experience.. and what a glorious experience it is! This is the full world of Skyrim completely surrounding and enveloping you. Quite honestly, this might be the single best PSVR game currently available.

Rating - 94

Skyrim VR by Bethesda Game Studios for PlayStation VR

(PSVR version reviewed)

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