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Smash Drums Demo by PotamWorks logo
Release Date - 1/13/21

Get ready to ROCK and DRUM HARD in this demo! Embark on an epic drumming journey to escape nightmares! Through chaos and flames, be prepared to SMASH DRUMS in style! Things are about to get intense... This demo features one rock song, to let you try out the mechanics from the full game that will launch with 21 awesome indie rock songs. Smash Drums Demo is developed by PotamWorks and arrived on  Facebook's new Oculus Quest App Lab platform back on January 13th. It's a free to try demo, so if you're looking for something similar to Beat Saber, but a bit different, maybe give it the ole college try!


This game is ranked as one of the Best Free App Lab games by VR Game Rankings.

Review Coming Soon

Smash Drums Demo by PotamWorks for the Oculus Quest App Lab
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