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Smash Hit Plunder by Triangular Pixels logo

Coming October 5th

Release Date - 10/5/18

Way back around the launch of the HTC Vive, Unseen Diplomacy was dazzling HTC Vive owners with it's deft display of roomscale magic. The follow-up game to that cult classic turns out to be a timed PlayStation VR exclusive called, Smash Hit Plunder.  The developer is describing the affair as a "VR Tear-it-Up". One thing everybody loves to do in VR is to throw things around and make a mess. Triangular Pixels is looking to target your natural tendencies and make an entire game around the concept. You'll explore dungeons, wrecking them along the way, looking for as much treasure and loot as possible. Of course, you'll still need to dispatch foes and hide from ghosts as you destroy and pillage a perfectly nice Castle.


Smash Hit Plunder by Triangular Pixels for PlayStation VR
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