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Sniper Elite VR by Rebellion logo
Release Date - July 8th

Rebellion, a company that's seemingly bullish on VR continues to double down by bringing one of their most beloved franchises, Sniper Elite, to Virtual Reality. The studio of course developed and published Battlezone, then followed that up with Arca's Path (with help from Dream Reality Interactive).. Now they've enlisted the talents of developer Just Add Water, to bring an all-new Sniper Elite experience to VR headsets.  There's been a total of 8 Sniper Elite games over the years, with Sniper Elite 4 releasing just a few years ago. The idea of bringing the franchise to VR makes perfect sense. Many VR games have featured very enjoyable sniper sequences. More recently, it was just announced the game would arrive this July 8th!

Coming July 8th

Sniper Elite VR by Rebellion for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR
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