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Release Date - 4/5/16
Space Pirate Trainer by I-Illusions logo

Rating - 90

Space Pirate Trainer was one of the original launch games on the HTC Vive. Quite possibly the gran-daddy of all VR wave shooters. This game has been steadily improved ever since it first arrived in Early Access. It continues to be one of the more polished play experiences on VR platforms. If you think of it as a 3D, first person Galaga, then you're pretty much on the right track. Drones come at you in various attack waves and you can use your weapons to take them out with extreme prejudice. I especially love the grenade launcher weapon and the shotgun.  Sublime gameplay with great visuals and incredible 3D audio makes for a solid game.

Space Pirate Trainer by I-Illusions for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & PlayStation VR

(HTC Vive version reviewed)

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