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Space Pirate Trainer by I-Illusions logo
Release Date - 5/21/19

As we get closer and closer to the arrival of the Oculus Quest on May 21st, we're finding out about additional games that will be available at launch. One of those games is Space Pirate Trainer by I-Illusions.  This game could be considered the "Original Gangsta", when it comes to wave shooters. Sure, VR gamers are a bit fatigued by the number of wave shooters out there, but every self-respecting VR gamer needs at least one or two good wave shooters to play around with. It's hard to do better than Space Pirate Trainer. Especially when you consider the freedom the Oculus Quest brings to the table. I've played Space Pirate Trainer many times on Vive and Rift, and have accidentally stepped on my cord more times than I can count. That frustration will be a total non-issue for Quest owners.

Review Coming Soon

Space Pirate Trainer by I-Illusions for the Oculus Quest
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