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Platforms - Steam, Oculus & PSVR
Release Date - August 29th (PSVR)
Current Price - $29.99

I've said it before that there is beauty in simplicity, and  a great example of this is Sparc for PlayStation VR. The game has a very clean, tight, visual aesthetic, that gives me a  Portal vibe, as odd as that may sound. The game is like many other Tron-Likes in the VR world. Futuristic racket sports seem all the rage in VR, but Sparc brings something new to the table. First of all, the feel of the game is sublime. The audio and rumble combine in such a way that the ball you're hurling through the air takes on a magical quality. This is an accidental exercise game, in which you will be moving around quite a bit, but you'll have a blast while doing it. I actually like the Challenge modes more than online play, which I know is strange, but I just love trying to get a wee bit higher on the leader boards. The online games I did play were quite amazing, and the spectator mode is like something out of Minority Report. I feel like I'm looking at holograms!

Rating - 88

(PlayStation VR version reviewed)

(review code provided by developer or publisher)

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