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Release Date - 11/14/19

Step into the world of Spice & Wolf, recreated in VR by the original creators of the popular anime and light novel series.  Anime is now not just something you watch, it's something you experience! Kraft Lawrence is a traveling merchant in a medieval world, who one day comes across Holo, a wolf deity taking the form of a girl. After a string of adventures, Holo decides to follow Lawrence along. Holo and Lawrence's journeys were not without troubles. One such case was when they were caught by surprise in a sudden thunderstorm. Running from the rain, the two find shelter in an abandoned water mill in the woods. As they gather around a small fire and wait for the sky to clear, a sweet and curious story all-new story that you will experience firsthand, from Lawrence's point of view. 

Spice & Wolf VR by SpicyTails for the Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest platforms

Review Coming Soon

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