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Sports Scramble by Armature Studio logo
Release Date - 5/21/19

Armature Studio has been slaving away on a very important game for the Oculus Quest. It's called Sports Scramble, and it features tennis, bowling and baseball modes. Modern VR gaming's existed for about 3 years now, but we still don't have our Wii Sports equivalent.  The bad news is, I think we're still waiting for a truly proper Wii Sports clone. Having said that, Sports Scramble is a worthy holdover in the meantime.  It's extraordinarily colorful,  runs smoothly, and looks outstanding on the  capable Quest hardware. The bowling mode is especially enjoyable. Armature went above and beyond the call of duty with making cute interactive backdrops to bowl on. The biggest problem with the game is the pricepoint. If it cost $19.99, we could wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone.


Sports Scramble by Armature Studio for the Oculus Rift

Rating - 85

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