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Star Trek Bridge Crew by Red Storm Entertainment logo
Release Date - 12/16/19

Star Trek Bridge Crew is now available on the Oculus Quest! It's a surprise launch that caught everybody off guard. Back in 2017, Red Storm Entertainment asked a very important question.  "Whats the best way to bring gamers together in VR, to work towards a common goal, while at the same time having a blast? They came up with the idea of Star Trek Bridge Crew. You can use the power of a VR headset, to put yourself in the shoes of a Star Trek captain or tactical officer. Players will need to co-operate and use teamwork to get past the various challenges that face them during their adventures. You can partake in 4 different bridge crew roles. Captain, Helm, Tactical and Engineer.  

 Review Coming Soon

Star Trek Bridge Crew by Red Storm Entertainment for the Oculus Quest
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