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Starblood Arena logo by WhiteMoon Dreams for PlayStation VR
Release Date - 4/11/17

Starblood Arena, as it's name aptly suggests, is an arena shooter. It is reminiscent of some of the classic games from the past,  such as Descent and Quake, but tailored specifically for Virtual Reality. It has a polished presentation, 6DOF ship control, a diverse cast of characters with unique ships, and multiple game modes. It's only real downside is that to this day it can still be difficult to get into an online match, but when you do, it can be quite the treat. The original $40 (USD) asking price might have been a bit on the steep end, in the realm of VR titles, but given it’s new $19.99 price, it leaves the value proposition here quite high.

Rating - 87

Starblood Arena by WhiteMoon Dreams for PSVR
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