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Publisher - Gattai Games
Developer - Gattai Games
Release Date - 10/31/17

Singapore based Gattai Games is currently putting the finishing touches on Stifled, a VR Horror / Thriller like we've never seen, or better yet, heard, before. The game takes advantage of the mic included with every VR headset, to listen to every noise that comes from the player. These noises, allow you to get brief glimpses of the environment. A loud shout from the player, and you'll get a quick, brightly illuminated glimpse of the world that surrounds you. A quiet whisper on the other hand, will only allow you to see a quick flash of your environment. Of course, the noises you make also alert enemies to your exact location. Stifled is supposedly coming later in 2017, but this game has been delayed a long time already, so we have to hope that Gattai Games can eventually get this game out.

 Review Coming Soon

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