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Release Date - 12/6/16

If you've ever watched a John Wick movie and wondered how it would feel to pull off those amazing action moves in real life, wonder no more. Super HOT is here to deliver that exact feeling. It's funny, because most people will immediately assume that Super HOT is a pure action shooter. Sure, I guess you do shoot things, but it's closer to a puzzle game than anything else. Imagine if the Matrix and Groundhog Day had a baby. That's pretty much Super HOT in a nutshell. It's has the slowing of time like the Matrix and Max Payne, but it also combines the deja vu repetitiveness that allowed Bill Murray to do amazing things in Groundhog Day.  That's where the real genius of this game comes through. Your first 8 times attempting a scenario might come off extremely clumsy. But that 9th time, when you did that super cool thing and looked like an absolute bad ass, now that was true beauty my friend!

Super HOT by Super HOT Team for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed-Reality

Rating - 91 

(Oculus Rift version reviewed)

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