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Release Date - 5/21/19

Whenever I think about the Oculus Quest, for some reason I instantly think of Super HOT. I think it's because I instinctually know that Super HOT will feel better on the Oculus Quest than any other platform. The reason for this is simple. Freedom. In fact, George Michael's song "Freedom", should probably be used in a National advertising campaign for the game. The image that pops into my mind, is a player nearly bending over backwards trying to avoid an incoming bullet ala Neo from the Matrix. Doing this maneuver in a wired VR headset is usually a recipe for collateral damage, but with the freedom of the Oculus Quest, it should feel tremendously liberating. Isn't this what the Oculus Quest is all about? We'll be able to enjoy the game like never before, with no worries of any tangled wires or other problems. Freedom indeed!

Review Coming Soon 

Super HOT by Super HOT Team for the Oculus Quest
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