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Release Date - 10/13/16

The first thing that really grabs you about Superhypercube is the "style" on display. The game is just absolutely oozing with an 80's vector arcade type style. The colors and sound combine in such a way, to make you feel like you're playing some long lost retro VR game from a bygone era. As for the gameplay, you need to move cubes around in 3D space to fit through an approaching opening in a wall. Turn or twist your cubes in the wrong direction, and it shatters into a million pieces. The game can make you feel like a genius one minute, and a total dunce the next. There's lots to like about this game, but I must say that the price to value ratio was really out of whack for most of it's early existence. The price has now chopped in half, and I've updated the review score to reflect this much better value proposition.

 Rating - 85

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