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Tabletop Gods by Ghost Fish Games logo
Release Date - 1/7/19

Tabletop Gods is a new Real Time Strategy game developed by Ghost Fish Games and published by Other Ocean Group. Almost a year ago now, Oculus Rift owners got an amazing RTS game called Brass Tactics. Could Tabletop Gods do the same thing for the HTC Vive community? The game has a very colorful style, with good voice over and solid production values. This is definitely a high-quality affair by developer Ghost Fish Games. One thing we've noticed about Virtual Reality and RTS games is that they're a marriage made in heaven. No other genre has been flipped on it's head by VR like Real Time Strategy. It works absolutely perfect in VR, and Tabletop Gods looks like another shining example of this.

Review Coming Soon

Tabletop Gods by Ghost Fish Games for the HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
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