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Tarzan VR by Stonepunk Studios logo
Release Date - 1st Qrt 2020

Developer Stonepunk Studios has quietly made a name for themselves in the VR gaming industry as an up and coming indie studio with tremendous talent. Their first game, Primordian has drawn rave reviews from anybody that has tried it. Stonepunk Studios has now teamed up with publisher Fun Train to deliver Tarzan VR to virtual reality headsets in early 2020. (possibly December 2019?) Tarzan VR is an episodic single-player adventure with carefully balanced elements of exploration, combat, athletics, creature interaction and natural wonder. Players can swing, climb, swim, and fight their way across five expansive environments that each offer their own unique danger and discoveries. Issue 1 - The Great Ape, will begin the journey of Tarzan VR, with more issues to follow.

Coming 1st Qrt 2020

Tarzan VR by Stonepunk Studios for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index and Windows Mixed-Reality headsets
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