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Publisher - XAREA
Developer - XAREA
Release Date - 1/29/18

In this game designed exclusively for VR, you can use your own voice to cast devastating spells and destroy your enemies. Join our open-world RPG and experience more than 40 hours of content. Find loot, face bosses and create a new legend - you! The ancient seal has been broken, powers of evil are devouring everything in this world. Now the world needs a hero to save it from catastrophe. Voice control is a key feature in The Broken Seal. You can use your own voice to cast spells in the virtual world, enjoying the charm of magic through a compelling and rich experience. The game also features a multiplayer mode and summon system. You're not alone in this world. Try multiplayer mode to play with your friends, and summon pets that will accompany you on your journey, fighting together to defeat the powers of evil.

 Review Coming Soon

Bravo Team by Supermassive Games for the PlayStation VR
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