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Release Date - 12/3/19

When the Oculus Quest was first announced, a number of gaming franchises were linked to the standalone. One of these was a Crytek made VR series, called "The Climb". The Oculus Rift version was a celebrated fan favorite, so getting that experience on the Quest seemed like an outstanding idea. Who hasn't dreamed of reaching the summit of Mt. Everest or scaling up Yosemite's Half-Dome?  Also with the Quest appealing to such a wide audience, you need more than just zombie shooter after zombie shooter. The Climb seemed like a perfect compliment to the growing Quest library. However, the game was delayed to the point that many wondered if the project had been cancelled. The good news, is that in early December, The Climb did arrive on the platform.  It's a very solid and impressive port of it's bigger Rift brother.

Review Coming Soon

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