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Publisher - LegionVR
Release Date - 11/22/17

When the HTC Vive launched way back in April 2016, one of the best early experiences was A Chair in a Room by Wolf & Wood Interactive. The game took full and total advantage of the Vive's roomscale capabilities. It was more pure psychological terror than anything, but it showed that Wolf & Wood Interactive was one of the more capable horror devs in the VR industry. LegionVR noticed this, and contracted the studio to develop an episodic VR horror adaptation of The Exorcist. The first two chapters arrived on November 22nd 2017. Chapter 3, Skin Deep, arrived on January 25th 2018. Chapter 4, Samaritan arrived on April 25th. Chapter 5, The Tomb, should be coming later this year. Each individual chapter is $5, or you can buy the full bundle for $20.


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The Exorcist Legion VR for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & PSVR
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