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The Gallery: Episode 1 Heart of the Emberstone logo
Release Date - 10/18/17

Cloudhead Games came tantalizingly close to delivering a VR masterpiece with Heart of the Emberstone.  Unfortunately, there are some problems along the path to greatness. On the plus side, we have the incredible graphics and sounds. The Gallery: Episode 2 is an audio/visual delight. The sound is particularly notable. There are so many special effects, and everything is handled so well, that this really feels like a legit big-boy game brought to VR by one of the world's treasured developers. Cloudhead is a new developer, lacking the pedigree, but more games like this could change all that. Ultimately, the game is held back by long loading times, performance issues and puzzles that can sometimes seem arbitrary and infuriating. I wanted to love this game even more, but it fought me every step of the way.

 Rating - 91

The Gallery: Episode 2 Heart of the Emberstone for Vive & Rift
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