The HOT 100 - Best 100 VR games - all platforms

This is the HOT 100. The Hot 100 incorporates games from the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality and PlayStation VR eco-systems.  We take the latest results, across all the most recent rankings to piece together this breakdown. These games are the absolute cream of the crop. The elite of the elite. Games ranked highly on this list are widely considered to be some of the best software on their respective platforms. Hundreds upon hundreds of hours of quality VR gaming await the owners of these esteemed titles.

[updated monthly - last update 2/1/19]
41. Windlands 2
Psytec Games (PC-VR)
42. Job Simulator
Owlchemy Labs (major VR platforms)
43. Payday 2 VR
44. Space Pirate Trainer
I-Illusions (major VR platforms)
45. Vanishing Realms
Indimo Labs (PC-VR)
46. The Climb
Crytek (Oculus Rift)
47. The Persistence
Firesprite (PSVR)
48. BlazeRush
Targem Games (Oculus Rift)
49. Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE
Croteam (PC-VR)
50. Star Trek Bridge Crew
Red Storm Entertainment (major VR platforms)
51. Raw Data
Survios (major VR platforms)
52. Lucky's Tale
Playful (Oculus Rift)
53. Climbey
Brian Lindenhof (PC-VR)
54. Pixel Ripped 1989
Pixel Ripped Inc. (major VR platforms)
55. Project Cars 2
Slightly Mad Studios (PC-VR)
56. Arktika.1
4A Games (Oculus Rift)
57. Echo Combat
Ready at Dawn (Oculus Rift)
58. The Invisible Hours
Tequila Works (major VR platforms)
59. Audioshield
Dylan Fitterer (PC-VR)
60. Karnage Chronicles
Nordic Trolls (PC-VR)
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61. Transference
SpectreVision (major VR platforms)
62. War Dust
raptor lab (PC-VR)
63. Rez Infinite
Enhance Games/Monstars (major VR platforms)
64. Statik
Tarsier Studios (PSVR)
65. Driveclub VR
Evolution Studios (PSVR)
66. Serious Sam: The Last Hope
Croteam (PC-VR)
67. The Forest
Endnight Games (PC-VR)
68. Eleven: Table Tennis VR
For Fun Labs (PC-VR)
69. XING: The Land Beyond
White Lotus Interactive (PC-VR)
70. Killing Floor: Incursion
Tripwire Interactive (major VR platforms)
71. Blasters of the Universe
Secret Location (major VR platforms)
72. Robinson: The Journey
Crytek (major VR platforms)
73. Racket Nx
One Hamsa (PC-VR)
74. Organ Quarter
Outer Brain Studios (PC-VR)
75. Batman Arkham VR
Rocksteady (major VR platforms)
76. Dirt Rally
Codemasters (major VR platforms)
77. Thumper
Drool (major VR platforms)
78. Jet Island
Master Indie (PC-VR)
79. Assetto Corsa
Kunos Simulazioni (PC-VR)
80. Marvel Powers United VR
Sanzaru Games (Oculus Rift)
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1. Skyrim VR
Bethesda Game Studios (major VR platforms)
2. Beat Saber
Beat Games (major VR platforms)
3. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission
Japan Studio (PSVR)
4. Onward
Downpour Interactive (PC-VR)
5. Fallout 4 VR
Bethesda Game Studios (PC-VR)
6. Super HOT
SUPERHOT Team (major VR platforms)
7. Lone Echo
Ready at Dawn (Oculus Rift)
8. Borderlands 2 VR
Gearbox Software (PSVR)
9. Wipeout Omega CollectionVR
EPOS Game Studios (PSVR)
Against Gravity (major VR platforms)
11. Resident Evil 7
Capcom (PlayStation VR)
12. Farpoint
Impulse Gear (PSVR)
13. Robo Recall
Epic Games (Oculus Rift)
14. Echo Arena
Ready at Dawn (Oculus Rift)
15. OrbusVR
Orbus Online (PC-VR)
16. The Talos Principle
Croteam (PC-VR)
17. GORN
Free Lives (PC-VR)
18. Pavlov VR
davekillz (PC-VR)
19. Elite: Dangerous
Frontier Developments (PC-VR)
20. Subnautica
Unknown Worlds Enter. (PC-VR)
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21. Ace Combat 7
Bandai Namco (PSVR)
22. Moss
Polyarc (major VR platforms)
23. Firewall: Zero Hour
First Contact Entertainment (PSVR)
24. Rush of Blood
Supermassive Games (PSVR)
25. From Other Suns
Gunfire Games (Oculus Rift)
26. Brass Tactics
Hidden Path Entertainment (Oculus Rift)
27. Red Matter
Vertical Robot (PC-VR)
28. Sairento VR
Mixed Realms (PC-VR)
29. To The Top
Electric Hat Games (major VR platforms)
30. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
Ninja Theory (PC-VR)
31. Contractors VR
Caveman Studio (PC-VR)
32. In Death
Sólfar Studios (major VR platforms)
33. Arizona Sunshine
Jaywalkers/Vertigo (major VR platforms)
34. Alien Isolation (VR Mod)
Creative Assembly (PC-VR)
35. The Gallery: Episode 2
Cloudhead Games (PC-VR)
36. Tetris Effect
Enhance Games/Monstars (PSVR)
37. PlayStation VR Worlds
Sony London (PSVR)
38. Creed: Rise to Glory
Survios (major VR platforms)
39. Ultrawings
Bit Planet Games (major VR platforms)
40. Blade & Sorcery
WarpFrog (PC-VR)
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81. Seeking Dawn
Multiverse Entertainment (PC-VR)
82. Gunheart
Drifter Entertainment (PC-VR)
83. Dead & Buried
Gunfire Games/Oculus Studios (Oculus Rift)
84. Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality
Owlchemy Labs (major VR platforms)
85. Tumble VR
Supermassive Games (PSVR)
86. Bound
Plastic/Sony Santa Monica (PSVR)
87. Serious Sam: The 2nd Encounter
Croteam (PC-VR)
88. Soundboxing
Maxint (PC-VR)
89. Serious Sam: The 1st Encounter
Croteam (PC-VR)
90. Vox Machinae
Space Bullet (PC-VR)
91. 2MD VR Football
Truant Pixel (major VR platforms)
92. Dead Effect 2 VR
BadFly Interactive (PC-VR)
93. Edge of Nowhere
Insomniac Games (Oculus Rift)
94. Doom 3 BFG (VR Mod)
Id Software (PC-VR)
95. Wilson's Heart
Twisted Pixel (Oculus Rift)
96. A Chair In A Room
Wolf & Wood Interactive (PC-VR)
97. Scraper: First Strike
Labrodex Studios (PC-VR)
98. Virtual Virtual Reality
Tender Claws (PC-VR)
99. Windlands
Psytec Games (major VR platforms)
100. Chronos
Gunfire Games (Oculus Rift)
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