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The Inpatient by Supermassive Games logo
Release Date - 1/23/18

Early in the PlayStation VR's lifecycle, one developer has shown repeatedly that they know how to use the VR format to it's fullest possible extent. Supermassive Games is responsible for both Rush of Blood and Tumble VR. Two of the premier games currently on offer for PSVR. The Inpatient appears to be Supermassive's most ambitious foray in VR so far. This appears to be a psychological horror / thriller, not too unlike Wilson's Heart for the Oculus Rift. This game appears to be a prequel of sorts to the original Until Dawn. Set 60 years before that first game, you're a patient with amnesia at the Blackwood Sanitarium. You don't seem to know why you're there, or what's happening to you, and there could  definitely be something nefarious at play in the background. 

Review Coming Soon

The Inpatient by Supermassive Games for PlayStation VR
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