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The Invisible Hours by Tequila Works logo
Release Date - 10/10/17

The Invisible Hours is technically considered a game for the sake of this review, but I honestly don't consider the production Tequila Works has crafted to be a "game". In fact, I'm a bit puzzled why publisher Game Trust didn't choose to market this experience as the first ever, VR "movie". The Invisible Hours is the first of it's kind. This is the future of storytelling. Tequila Works is breaking new ground with a story that plays out in real-time, with multiple rooms and multiple situations unfolding simultaneously. You can view the proceedings as a ghost. A ghost with an amazing vantage point. I thought I would eventually have to choose who I felt committed the murder, but that wasn't the case. Interactivity is at a bare minimum. This is the first VR movie, but I just think Game Trust didn't think they could market it and sell it as a VR movie for $30.

Rating - 87

The Invisible Hours by Tequila Works for Vive, Rift & PSVR
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