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Release Date - March 26th

I was fortunate enough to go hands-on with The Room VR: A Dark Matter at Oculus Connect 6. Although the game is similar to other "escape the room" games in VR, it did seem to feature a higher level of polish and detail. I could quickly surmise that this isn't a rush-job or cash-in attempt. The game begins deep within The British Museum in London, where the disappearance of an Egyptologist prompts a Police investigation. As you play the game, you'll explore cryptic locations, examine fantastic gadgets and discover an otherworldly element which blurs the line between reality and illusion. I'm definitely interested in playing more of the game when it arrives March 26th for major VR platforms.

Coming March 26th

The Room VR: A Dark Matter by Fireproof Games for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index and Windows Mixed-Reality platforms
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