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The Under Presents by Tender Claws logo
Release Date - 11/19/19

The Under Presents is one of the more unusual pieces of software on the Oculus Rift platform. It's a collaboration between Tender Claws, celebrated developer of the cult classic "Virtual Virtual Reality", and Piehole, a scrappy New York based theater company. Piehole has a habit of exploring new artistic mediums, this time VR is the canvas. You see, The Under Presents isn't really a game. Instead, it's an interactive theater experience. A Vaudeville stage that exists in another dimension,  outside of our current time and space. You're guided by a mysterious proprietor as you encounter a number of live and pre-recorded acts that you can interface with. The bottom line is we trust in developer Tender Claws, and expect anything they produce to be equal parts fascinating and entertaining.

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The Under Presents by Tender Claws fo the Oculus Rift
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