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The Walking Dead Onslaught by Survios logo
Release Date - September 29th

Survios, one of the most talented and prolific VR developers in our industry, is making an official Walking Dead game. Talk about a dream come true! These guys have already delivered Raw Data, Sprint Vector and Creed: Rise to Glory, just to mention a few of their standout games. They know their way around VR development. It's hard to imagine a better situation for AMC and a VR adaptation of their hit TV franchise. Of course, one concern we have is zombie fatigue. VR has been inundated with zombie game after zombie game. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners just this year, established itself as the best zombie game so far. Can Survios can do it one better? We really hope so, cause it would need to be absolutely next-level to dethrone Saints & Sinners.

Coming September 29th

The Walking Dead: Onslaught by Survios for the PlayStation VR
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