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The Walking Dead Saints Sinners logo 3.j
Release Date - October 13th

There was a rumor that The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners was coming to the Oculus Quest. Most figured this was impossible. The game is too advanced to work on Quest. Right? Well, apparently Skydance Interactive has worked their magic, and their bringing the title to Facebook's standalone platform on October 13th! The PC-VR version of the game is big on crafting, exploration, freedom of choice and visceral combat. Will Skydance Interactive be able to scale all of these systems onto a Quest port? Hopefully the act of jamming a knife into a zombie skull, then later, forcefully pulling it out, is left intact, because that's the very essence of The Walking Dead experience.

Coming October 13th

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners by Skydance Interactive for the Oculus Quest
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