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The Wizards: Dark Times by Carbon Studio logo
Release Date - May 6th

A new adventure from Carbon Studio looms on the horizon for the Oculus Quest. In the wake of a terrible blight on Meliora, a new, even darker force threatens the land… Travel in time to a completely new era, face new enemies and allies, and brandish your spells against fresh challenges in this standalone expansion to The Wizards. Pick up your motion controllers and prepare for another journey into the perilous history of Meliora! Dark Times will include reworked and improved spellcasting mechanics, offering you a new opportunity to enjoy the enchanting experience of weaving magic with nothing more than gestures of your hands. As a standalone game, it will take you to never-before-seen locations, where you’ll be able to discover the fantasy realm in a new light.

Coming May 6th

The Wizards: Dark Times by Carbon Studio for the Oculus Quest
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