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The Wizards Enhanced Edition 4p.jpg
Release Date - 3/12/19

The Wizards: Enhanced Edition by Carbon Studio has landed on PlayStation VR. Anytime a PC-VR game makes the trip to Sony's VR platform, the question is, will gameplay be sacrificed? Will we end up with watered down graphics? Well, I've got good news to report. For the most part, the gameplay is indeed intact. The PlayStation move controllers will leave you wanting at times, but it's mostly solid. The graphical translation might have fared even better. I did play this on a PS4 Pro, but I was amazed at just how gorgeous everything was. Personally, I think this is a very solid action/adventure romp, that any PSVR gamer would likely enjoy. You'll have a few minor complaints, but overall you'll be pleased.

Rating - 86

The Wizards: Enhanced Edition by Carbon Studio for PlayStation VR
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